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Group Profile
  • 29th

    Hunan Province, the comprehensive -
    strength of private enterprises

  • Top 10

    Hunan Province, the development and -
    construction of private enterprises

  • third

    Hunan Province, private enterprise -
    development and construction industry

Introduction of Hunan Sunwalk Construction Group

Hunan Sunwalk Construction Group (hereinafter referred to as "The Group") was founded in 2000 and headquartered in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. It is a technology-based, diversified multinational private enterprise group that has been developed through the communications infrastructure projects. The Group mainly focuses on 3D printing, communications, construction, property, environmental protection and other business industries. Its business scope radiates China, Southeast Asia, European countries and the United States. With 27 subsidiaries, the Group, whose revenue and net profits standed at 6.739 billion yuan and 559 million yuan respectively in 2019 is a private enterprise that greatly supported by the government.

3D printing industry. Farsoon Technologies, a subsidiary of the Group, is a leading Chinese additive manufacturing company. It is the only entire industrial chain supplier in the world that masters equipment R&D and manufacturing, material R&D and production, control system, software, and technical support. As one of the first batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Farsoon Technologies owns the nation's first national engineering laboratory for high-molecular complex structural additive manufacturing. It has taken the lead in the formulation of 7 national standards for additive manufacturing technology, and developed more than 20 types of industrial-grade additive manufacturing open-platform equipment processing customizable metal and polymer materials, which has passed international quality standards. Farsoon Technologies also participated in the development work of multiple batches of different-model equipment such as China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Electronics Technology Corporation, etc. By actively deploying overseas markets, Farsoon Technologies has established branches in North America and Europe. What’s more, Farsoon established strategic partnerships with Boeing, Jabil, BMW, BASF, Bosch and other companies.

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Chairman's Speech

Over two decades of trials and hardship, two decades of struggling together, all staff of Hunan Sunwalk Construction Group has undergone exciting and proud time of pursuing unremittingly and creating glory. Along the way, through comprehensive untiring exploration and innovation with strong sense of responsibility to customers, employees and society, Hunan Sunwalk Construction Group has embarked on a people-oriented and remarkable development path, composed a magnificent chapter of continuous self-improvement, solidarity and advancement, completed diversified transformation and upgrading from single communication construction to construction, real estate, 3D printing, environmental protection, smart medical and other fields, achieved a resplendent transition into an enterprise group with high-end positioning, innovation-driven, talent strategy, brand operation, and core competitiveness.

Doing business essentially focuses on people. Staff endows the company with vitality and connotation characteristics. Behave well before working. Only extraordinary people can make extraordinary businesses. Adhering this principle, we have acquired knowledge, taken actions, made progress and transcended ourselves in those years. It is the human-upmost concept that lays a solid foundation for the group’s development and provides inexhaustible motivation for the group to show great vitality and achieve extraordinary career.

The strongest hope for an enterprise’s future lies in its staff. The competition in the future will be the competition of human talents in essence. To realize our magnificent blueprint, it requires all staff in Hunan Sunwalk Construction Group to work with passion, contribute their wisdoms, and develop with innovative thinking. More than a highland for attracting talents, Sunwalk is a smelter for cultivating talents. Not only a stage to show yourself, Sunwalk is a base for achieving value.

The purpose of enterprise development is for its staff. Among all the values we pursue, we think staff’s value is the most precious. We will continue to strengthen the practice, training and education of various talents, create an environment where staff can give full scope to their wisdom, and learn skills to the greatest extent, establish a new pattern with continuous emergence of talents, equip the group with talents and innovation driven engine for its development and expansion.

Hunan Sunwalk Construction Group has always insisted integrity as the business foundation, volitional quality of plain living and hard struggle, working standard of excellence, and team spirit of sincere cooperation. We always persist firmly in providing services beyond expectation for customers, building a platform for employees to achieve their ideals, and undertaking social responsibilities within our power. Committed to providing high-quality products and services, the company promotes the economy and society to develop fast and better, respects and protects the rights and interests of employees, establishes harmonious labor relations, supports charity and public welfare undertakings, and wholeheartedly gives back to society. All staff in Sunwalk must have a clear understanding of their own mission and responsibilities, adhere to the tradition of practicability and advancement, unity and innovation with the enterprising courage to succeed, carry forward the spirit of perseverance without fear, and hold fast to the belief of solidarity and to contending for the first, stride forward to the future. We firmly believe that we will definitely realize our group goal of building tens of billions enterprise group and creating a century-old prosperous business!

Along the tough road and impregnable pass, we are moving forward from the beginning. We will put our staff first and make remarkable achievements!

Hou Xingwang

Deputy to the 12th People's Congress of Hunan Province
"Excellent Private Entrepreneur"
"Star of Glorious Career "

  • Hou XingwangChairman

    Mr. Hou Xingwang, born in 1958 in Hunan, China, a Chinese citizen, is the founder and chairman of Hunan Sunwalk Group, the Deputy to the 12th People’s Congress of Hunan Province and the Vice Chairman of Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce. In 2006, he founded Hunan Sunwalk Group. In 2019, the group earned an operating income of nearly 7 billion yuan, and has become a scientific, diversified and international private enterprise, supported by Chinese government and Hunan Province. Due to his prominent achievements and contributions to the society, Mr. Hou has been awarded the titles of “Outstanding Private Entrepreneur”, “Outstanding Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”, “Remarkable Contributor to Urban Construction” and “Outstanding Philanthropist” in succession.

  • Mr. Hou SihuaVice President

    Bachelor degree, senior engineer, was entitled as “Excellent Project Manager of Hunan Province”, “ Excellent Private Entrepreneurs”, “ Philanthropist” etc. Now, Mr. Hou Sihua is the President of Hunan Sunwalk Group, President of Changsha Sunwalk Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., President and General Manager of Hunan Sunwalk Construction and Investment Co., Ltd.

  • Mr. Hou PeilinExecutive Vice President

    Master degree, graduated from School of Power and Electronics Engineering, University of London. Now, Mr. Hou Peilin is the Executive Vice President of Hunan Sunwalk Group, member of the Board and General Manager of Hunan Farsoon High-Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Mr. Luo LucaiVice President

    Member of CPC, bachelor degree, engineer, the cadre of Regimental Commander transferred to civilian work, worked in Hunan Military Command Communication Office as the Company Commander, Head of Station and Staff successively, and was entitled as “Outstanding Military Transferred Cadres of Hunan Province”, “Excellent Professional Manager” etc. Now, Mr. Luo Lucai is the Vice President of Hunan Sunwalk Group and General Manager of Changsha Chengtong Basic Pipe Network Construction Co., Ltd.

  • Mr. Peng YuVice President

    Bachelor degree, graduated from Wuhan University, worked successively as a software engineer of Information Center of Bank of China, General Manager Assistant of Banking Department of Orient Securities Capital Investment Co., Ltd, Vice General Manager of Business Department of Chang’an Trust, Vice General Manager of Business Department of Sichuan Trust, Senior Vice President of CITIC-CP Asset Management Co., Ltd. Now, Mr. Peng Yu is the Vice President of Hunan Sunwalk Group and General Manager of Financing Center.

  • Mr. Xia ShuaiVice President

    Member of CPC, master degree, senior engineer, registered constructor, representative of the Fifth Party Congress of CPC in Kaifu Disctrict, Changsha City, was entitled as “Excellent Party Branch Secretary of Hongshan Street”. Now, Mr. Xia Shuai is the Vice President of Hunan Sunwalk Group and General Manager of Hunan Sunwalk Construction Co., Ltd.

  • Served in China's information industry for more than 20 years, Mr. Xiongyu has sophisticated experience in the operation and management of telecommunications enterprises, and accumulated rich practical experience and industrial resources in market expansion, brand building, communication technology evolution, enterprise management, group strategy and other aspects.Mr. Liu ShengVice President

    Master of finance, graduated from University of Manchester, worked as Section Chief of Industrical and Commercial Bank of China, Guangdong Branch, Department Deputy General Manager of China Minsheng Banking Cor., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch, Business Director of Banking Department of First Capital. Now, Mr. Liu Sheng is the Vice President of Hunan Sunwalk Group.

  • Mr. Xiong YuTechnical Expert

    Master degree, senior engineer, worked as the Vice General Manager and member of CPC group in China Unicom Group successively. Now, Mr. Xiongyu is the technical expert of Hunan Sunwalk Group.Served in China's information industry for more than 20 years, Mr. Xiongyu has sophisticated experience in the operation and management of telecommunications enterprises, and accumulated rich practical experience and industrial resources in market expansion, brand building, communication technology evolution, enterprise management, group strategy and other aspects.