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Chronicle of Events
In 2020

Exploit the Pakistan market

In 2019

Sign Cooperation Agreement with Kingdom of Cambodia regarding to culture and art education, training and related industries

In 2018

Launch international strategies and set up Xingya Information and Communication Holdings Co., Ltd

In 2017

Invest and develop the core hub of Dongting Lake Tourist Destination

In 2016

Set up Hunan Daxing Cloud Medical Network Technology Co., Ltd and Hunan Sunwalk Optical Network Technology Co., Ltd

In 2015

Embark on smart city and set up Hunan Zhongji Environment Investment Co., Ltd

In 2014

Set up Yunnan Construction Co., Ltd

In 2013

Perform acquisition of Farsoon Hi-Technology, marching in 3D printing industry

In 2012

Changsha Wangxing Property Co., Ltd and Xingjia Property Co., Ltd

In 2011

Set up Yunnan Chengtong Network Construction Co., Ltd. and Hunan Xiangshuitou Property Co., Ltd.

In 2009

Set up Changsha Xiandao Chengjian Pipe Network Construction Co., Ltd.

In 2007

Commence the construction of Yuehu Lanting Project

In 2006

Set up Hunan Sunwalk Group

In 2005

Set up Changsha Xingmai Telecommunication Construction Co., Ltd and Changsha Sunwalk Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

In 2004

Set up Changsha Chengtong Basic Pipe Network Construction Co., Ltd

In 2003

Take part in the construction of the Medical Building of Hsiang-ya Hospital

In 2000

Construct the three-level command network for national defense mobilization in Hunan Province