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Enterprise Culture of Sunwalk
Resources could be exhausted while only culture is endless and endures perennially. Only inspired by constantly introspected and consummated common culture, taking it as the driving force for enterprise development, can we, all Sunwalk people hand in hand, advance steadfastly with concerted efforts, towards the road of establishing the century-old Sunwalk.
    Enterprise spirit
  • Honest, promising
    virtuous and excelsior

    Core values
  • Share the same heart and soul
    be valiant and pioneering

    Enterprise vision
  • Boom great achievements shining through the ages, and prosper peace and tranquility of generations by generations

    Working style
  • What you said must be fulfilled
    and honored resolutely

    Development guideline
  • Create new thinking
    improve new systems
    and open up new prospects

    Enterprise mission
  • Set up platforms for employees to realize dreams; Provide customers with quality services beyond expectation, and shoulder social responsibilities within the wit