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Sunwalk 3D Printing

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3D printing can be applied in a wide range of fields, such as traditional manufacturing industry, automobile, consumer electronics, medical equipment, construction engineering, etc. These areas can be combined with 3D printing. As a new processing technology, 3D printing will change the large-scale production mode represented by assembly production line produced by the second industrial revolution, change the product production to personalized and customized, and realize the fundamental change of production mode.

The world's leading industrial 3D printing company——Farsoon Technologies

Farsoon Technologies is a total solution supplier of industrial grade plastic and metal laser sintering systems that was founded in 2010 , Since its founding Farsoon has grown quickly with over 300 employees and has put together strong teams of experts with competencies in mechanical engineering, laser and optics, as well as thermal control, material development and processing. Farsoon is the only machine manufacturer to also develop and produce laser sintering nylon materials. Having experience in both material and machine development has allowed Farsoon to tailor it’s machines and materials as one complete package capable of producing parts with superb detail, repeatability, and mechanical properties. As a global company Farsoon is dedicated to providing fast and dependable sales and support for all it’s equipment and materials in all corners for the world. To facilitate this Farsoon has developed close partnerships in various regions of the world to act as local support. LSS (Laser Sinter Service) GmbH for EMEA and Varia 3D, Inc. for the Americas. For further cooperation, Farsoon Technologies and LSS Laser-Sinter-Service GmbH have announced to form a strong partnership with the acquisition of significant LSS shares by Farsoon in november 2016. Meanwhile, LSS becomes Farsoon’s European distributor and service arm as well as Farsoon’s European R&D center Farsoon was founded with the clear vision of creating an open platform system which will give the user complete freedom of operation. This means that the user has access to a wide range of parameter settings in the machine as well as being able to source third party materials. It is our belief that only by having an open system and finding new, better, and more cost effective materials can the industry grow as a whole. To this end Farsoon is actively collaborating with leading material makers such as BASF (Germany) to develop the next generations of laser sintering materials.

3D printing and medical pioneer——Huaxiang 3D

Huaxiang is a focus on medical 3D printing technology research and development, results transformation, product production, sales, service in one of the high-tech enterprises, and for hospitals and research institutions to provide digital medical solutions. The first batch of 3D printing pilot charging units, in the Central South University Xiangya Hospital as the representative of the country's nearly 50 clinical institutions, completed more than 3000 cases of 3D printing medical cases, the number of subject application cases leading the country.

Explorer of 3D-printed material boundaries.——Hua Yao

Hunan Huayao Baiao Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research, development, production, sales and service of degradable zinc alloy craniofacial internal fixation system, degradable metal biomaterials, degradable material rapid prototyping 3D printing system and other related products. Under the leadership of Academician american society of mechanical engineers and lifelong professor Zhou Gongyao of Drexel University, the company team has been engaged in the development of degradable zinc alloy materials for many years. It owns more than 10 core invention patents of degradable zinc alloy materials and related equipment, covering independent intellectual property rights of the whole industrial chain.

Classic case

    The secret behind the Olympic gold medal.

    In the past, the athlete's short-track speed skating finger buckle basically using resin or glue, matching, comfort is not good. Huashu Gaoke through the metal 3D printing Huashu miracle titanium alloy short-track speed skating glove buckle. Weight reduction of about 40%, high strength, the strength of the guaranteed strength at the same time than the traditional plastic wall thickness of 3/4, help to enhance the vitality of the movement.