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xingwang·Communications Business Sector

  • 40

    Communication equipment
    room nodes

  • 95%

    Underground weak current optical fiber network
    covering 95% of Changsha

  • Outstanding

    Communication and smart city solution
    provider and service provider


During the more than 10 years since the establishment of the communications business sector, it has invested in the construction of an underground weak current optical fiber network covering more than 95% of Changsha City, with a total of 40,000 hole kilometers. With the strategy of based in Changsha and radiating the whole country, the company vigorously expands to the national market and has successively entered Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hainan, Xinjiang and other regions, and has formed close cooperation with local telecom operators and a mutually beneficial and win-win relationship. The company has strong technical strength, and has successively obtained multiple qualifications such as virtual operator license, first-level qualification for electronic and intelligent engineering, and first-level qualification for urban and road lighting engineering.

Top medical resource integration leader——Daxing Cloud Medical Network Technology Co., Ltd

Focusing on the business of handheld hospitals, remote diagnosis and treatment systems, customized services for private doctors, and Internet expert cloud hospitals, it is committed to the integration and transformation of mobile Internet and the medical industry, and actively promotes the implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, multi-point practice of doctors, and Internet construction of hospitals , contributing to deepening the reform of China's medical system.

Information integration and network access solution provider——Sunwalk Optical Network Technology Co., Ltd

At present, there are currently 40 communication equipment room nodes in the urban area of Changsha, and one 10G ring and three 2.5G rings have been built. In the future, it is planned to build a metropolitan and inter-city optical transmission network covering the Hunan province to provide a safe and reliable guarantee for national network security.

Smart city overall solution provider——Sunwalk Smart City Co., Ltd.

The company focuses on the needs of the public industry in smart cities. By organically combining advanced technologies and products, the company has developed and launched core products and solutions such as smart tourism, smart civil air defense, smart government, smart environmental protection, and smart industrial parks. The company has established strategic partnerships with a number of colleges, institutions, and companies such as ZTE, Huawei, Army University of Engineering, National University of Defense Technology, National Supercomputing Changsha Center, and National Smart City Laboratory. In the future, the company will strive to become China's top smart city overall solution provider and service provider.

Classic Case

    Man optical fiber

    Based on the urban underground pipe network, the company invests in the urban optical fiber metro network, and serves the government and enterprises in the form of leasing dark fiber and providing optical fiber link to obtain service fees as a long-term return on investment. Follow the principle of overall planning and implementation in phases, and invest in construction in phases according to business needs.At present, the company has invested nearly 800 kilometers in the construction of optical fiber network in Changsha, with an investment of about 10 million yuan.Main target customers: broadband operators, schools, government and enterprise, industrial parks, parking lots, gas stations, charging stations and so on.

    Smart Education

    Through intelligent interactive integrated equipment,
    matched with related supporting products and software systems,
    it has interconnected and expandable functions, realizes smart podiums, smart classrooms,
    provides methods for teaching smart management, and helps campus informatization construction.

    Changsha City Official Car Software Platform

    Provide platform software for official car rental services for Changsha Government, Party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions.

    "Smart Tourism" Project

    It is built in accordance with the mission requirements of the "345 Project"(Three platforms, four projects, five pilot projects) of Changsha Tourism Informationization.

    "Smart Civil Air Defense" Information Management Platform Project

    Including the expansion and construction of the central equipment room, the construction of the integrated dispatching and command center, the grid division and the adjustment of manpower allocation, the construction of the integrated service cloud platform, the construction of the government data center and the video center, and the construction of the command system and management system.

    "Smart Kaifu" Public Service Management Platform Project

    Participated in the construction of intelligent civil air defense information platforms in various provinces, cities, districts (counties), including Changsha.