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Xingwang·Construction Plate

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    Top 10 construction companies with
    excellent reputation

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    Annual construction capacity exceeds
    6 billion yuan


Sunwalk Construction, one of the top 10 construction companies with a good reputation in Hunan province, currently has 7 first-level qualifications, 5 second-level qualifications, and 2 third-level qualifications, covering construction, municipal administration, foundation, decoration, water conservancy, electromechanical, In the field of fire protection, it has undertaken more than 1,000 construction projects and hundreds of major projects, with an annual construction capacity of more than 6 billion yuan. The quality of the construction projects has a pass rate of 100%, and the excellent rate has reached 95%. It has won the Luban Award(China Construction Industry Supreme Award) , the Furong Award, and Hunan Provincial Quality Projects, Provincial Quality Demonstration Projects, Model Projects and Changsha City Construction AAA Credit Enterprise for five consecutive years.

Sunwalk’s regional development and operation model (ppp model)

PPP, the full name is Public-Private-Partnership, that is, public-private partnership. Under this model, the government and enterprises have established a community relationship of "benefit sharing, risk sharing, and full cooperation" and long-term partnership in infrastructure, public services and other fields for mutual benefit and win-win results.

The PPP cooperation model established by Sunwalk Group and local governments which based on the core principles of "government-led, enterprise operation, and win-win cooperation", fully respects the government's leading position in the process of cooperation, and exerts a market-oriented effect to integrate "partnership, long-term Public-private partnership concepts such as cooperation, benefit sharing, and risk sharing are integrated into the collaborative development, construction and operation of the projects. During the cooperation period, the government is the approver of project planning, the decision maker of industrial projects, and the supervisor of service quality; Sunwalk Group is the direct provider of ppp project planning, design, construction and operation services. Both parties perform their duties and work together to achieve the effect of “1+1>2”.

Classic Case

    Comprehensive Service Building Phase II of Hunan University Science and Technology Innovation Base Project

    ◆Project location: Jinzhou New District, Ningxiang County, Changsha City, Hunan Province
    ◆Total project investment: 317 million yuan;
    ◆Project area: 40,900 square meters;
    ◆Project features: The second phase of the comprehensive building project of the Hunan University Science and Technology Innovation Base Project is a subproject of the PPP project of the Hunan University Science and Technology Industrial Park. A building with a reinforced concrete frame structure with nine floors above the ground, a parking lot and equipment rooms on the ground floor, and a comprehensive service building integrating the talent service center, talent station, corporate office, and high-tech park government affairs facilities on the nine floors above the ground.
    ◆Project honor: The PPP project of Hunan University Science and Technology Industrial Park won the Luban Prize.

    Hunan University Science and Technology Industrial Park

    The industrial park is known as the "Hunan Smart Port". It relies on the resources of universities and scientific research institutes in Hunan to create a technological innovation integrating technological innovation, transformation of technological achievements, incubation of high-tech enterprises, cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents and intellectual property operations. Experimental area.

    Hunan University Science and Technology

    The project covers an area of 200 mu, with a total construction area of 380000 square meters. It is a multi-functional service-oriented innovative industrial park integrating modern development, intelligent office, single family R & D and high-end business life.

    The total investment is about 4.6 billion yuan

    Relying on the porcelain City Liling's long history and culture, the city will build a new area integrating folk culture, commercial tourism, delicious food and leisure. Based on the cultural context of the old city, the characteristics of cultural tourism are refined. Starting from space, the planning, design, construction and operation of products, projects and formats are carried out comprehensively.