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Xingwang·Environmental Protection Business Sector

  • 10 billion

    Project investment

  • IBR

    Urban Wastewater Treatment Technology

  • HBAF

    High efficiency biological aerated filter technology

  • MBR

    (Membrane Bio-Reactor)process


Circular ecological integration operation service provider——Hunan Zhongji Environment Investment Co., Ltd

The company focuses on comprehensive treatment of water supply and drainage in towns and industrial parks, municipal pipeline network construction, advanced wastewater treatment, reclaimed water reuse and upgrading transformation, harmless treatment of urban garbage, river dredging, black and odorous water treatment, heavy metal treatment, Soil restoration, etc. The company has a full range of capabilities in R&D, design, construction, operation, investment, equipment production and technical services. In the next three years, the company intends to invest 10 billion yuan in county-level environmental protection industry projects to provide governments at all levels with "planning, construction and operation" full-process services.

Core technologies

IBRUrban Wastewater Treatment Technology

The activated sludge method, which integrates anaerobic, facultative, aerobic reaction and precipitation, intermittent aeration, continuous water inlet and outlet, and periodic circulation, is an improved process of SBR, which combines the advantages of SBR and A2/O. It has the all-round advantages of "three lows and one less", that is, low construction investment, low operating costs, low management requirements, and less foot print. It is widely used in various scales of township sewage treatment.

High efficiency Biological Aerated Filter (HBAF) technology

HBAF technology has unique advantages in the treatment of wastewater with high concentration, high ammonia nitrogen, high salt content, high toxicity, and refractory degradation. The core technology mainly includes HBAF high-efficiency sewage treatment process, functional carrier and composite engineering bacteria.

MBR(Membrane Bio-Reactor)process

Using membrane separation equipment to intercept the activated sludge and macromolecular organics in the biochemical reaction tank, eliminating the need for secondary sedimentation tanks and conventional advanced treatment; It greatly strengthening the function of the bioreactor, greatly increasing the concentration of activated sludge, and its hydraulic retention Time (HRT) and sludge retention time (SRT) can be controlled separately.

Classic Case

  • Shaoyang ProjectProcess-Improvement  Scale-40000m3/d
  • Yueyang Junshan ProjectProcess-A2O + Advanced Treatment Combined Pool Scale-19300m3/d
  • Yueyang County ProjectProcess-Hydrolysis Acidification + AAO Scale- 30000m3/d
  • Wuli Brand ProjectProcess-HBAF   Scale-35000m3/d
  • Chenzhou ProjectThe first phase of the sewage treatment is 2,500 tons per day
  • Yueyang County ProjectScale-10500m3/d
  • Xiangyin County ProjectScale-9200m3/d (short-term),
    21700m3/d (long-term)
  • Xinhua County Processsecondary effluent + coagulation sedimentation + disinfection